Life Update: A Change in Pace

Life is crazy sometimes, and more often than not, I’m not in the mood to write about it. Which makes no sense because I literally have a blog.

I haven’t truly written about my life since June. I’ve made blog posts about my tattoo and my view on religion, I’ve written reviews on Sabrina Carpenter’s new music and Walker Stalker Con. But I haven’t explained what’s going on. So I’m going to.

  • I got a new job! At the end of June, I was let go as a temporary medical assistant position at a hematology/oncology practice, and on July 5, I started a new job at a podiatrist. Feet aren’t that bad, honestly. And I truly love my job. I love my patients, I love what I do. I’m given so many new opportunities I’ve never had before, like assisting with minor surgeries and getting my x-ray technician certification (which I’ve yet to do but it’s offered). My coworkers are pretty awesome and the practice is almost always extremely busy, which makes for a quick day. I (mainly) never feel stressed at work and that’s such a good thing.

    At the end of June, I was in a really dark place. I didn’t feel like I was worth anything. I lost a job because the company didn’t want to buy me out of a contract with a temp agency, not because I wasn’t capable of doing the job proficiently. But it sure as hell felt that way. I work so hard as a medical assistant, so that felt like such a slap in the face. But today, I could honestly say that I’m happy. I’m not happy with how the election turned out, but in my personal life. I am happy. I feel wanted and appreciated. It’s shocking to reread some of my earlier blog posts and relive those emotions.

  • I was going to move out–and then I didn’t. I lost friendships over this, but I also grew up a little, too. Which…when it’s written out doesn’t seem to make sense, but I realized who my true friends were. I realized my love for my parents (even when I don’t agree with their political and social views). I realized how unready I was to make the move and I’m so glad I came out of the situation unscathed.
  • I rekindled old friendships and strengthened current ones. It’s a process that’s extremely annoying, but I believe it’ll be worth it in the end. I know it will be.
  • Since June, I’ve lost almost 15 lbs. I know my highest weight was 180 lbs, and on June 9 my doctor has me at 174 lbs. I haven’t weighed myself in awhile, but I know I hit 160 lbs a week or so ago. I’ve stopped weighing myself obsessively because I’m doing some weight training for my upper arms, and I know that’s going to throw off my weight completely. Instead, I’ve got goal-clothes I’m gonna work myself into.

    Exercising has always helped me mentally and physically. I don’t swear by it, which is why I still take my medications, but since I’ve started working out and somewhat watching what I eat (gazing lovingly at the Wendy’s burger as I shove it down my throat), I’ve had fewer panic attacks and I feel happier overall. Nothing, not even cardio and buckets of water, will make me feel less tired, though. That’s impossible, but I’ll work on it.

  • I got a second rabbit and she brings me so much joy, just like Kodaly does. Her previous owners named her Galadriel and I kept it because that’s a perfect name for her. She was a pet therapy rabbit, so she’s very comfortable with being held. She worked mostly with patients who suffer from anxiety because while being held, her feet tend to tremble, and the whole point was for the patient to calm her down and hold her tighter–which in turn, calmed them down. And it works. I know from experience.
  • I started writing for a friend’s magazine! It makes me so incredibly happy to write for something other than myself. The magazine isn’t huge and it’s mainly online, but it’s still something I am so proud of. I’m given so many opportunities that I am so thankful for. I cannot wait to see what else I get to do. You can keep up with it here:
  • My dad recently got neck surgery and it’s completely changed his life. I’m so grateful for it, and modern medicine in general. Before the surgery, he had so much pain in his neck and back. His pinched spinal cord made his hands and feet numb and tingly. He would constantly drop things, like money out of his pocket, because he couldn’t feel it and his fingers couldn’t grasp it. His surgery was in the morning and by the evening he was up and walking. He came home the very next day a new person. The pain he feels is nothing compared to what it was because it’s actually pain from the surgery itself. The feeling is coming back in his extremities slowly, but the body has to regenerate those nerves. And he hardly drops anything anymore. It’s truly incredible.

I can’t really think of anything else huge that has happened besides Walker Stalker Con, but I’ve written about that. So, there’s my life update. I’m going to try and keep up with maybe monthly posts? We’ll see! Now I gotta go catch up with my youtube subscriptions and sleep.


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